When collective small design changes equal something bigger than itself.

The website needed to be easy to edit.

Design touches each of us in our very existence on this Earth.

Knowing who you’re making a specific design for is crucial when it comes to creating useful, delightful, and simple user experiences. Enter personas: fictional characters created based on research and data from defined criteria within the target user group. This analytical focus leads to clarity on the desires, needs, behaviours and goals of the user. It is also a helpful exercise, because it can assist in stepping out of your own headspace, and really think and be the end user.

Sometimes multiple types of persona’s are used in a specific project. It really depends on what the project’s topic is.

As CO2 levels continue to rise, no matter which field you work in, sustainability and clean energy practices are becoming a top priority for everyone. As User Experience (UX) or User Interface (UI) designers, we too have our part to contribute through our designs ensuring that our creations are more eco-friendly thus benefiting our planet positively.

90% of CO2 is emitted from our devices when they are made.

Jens Bringsjord

A digital product and graphic designer in Oslo, Norway with a focus on digital experiences.

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